The ClassForward Platform

ClassForward is a video-based platform that allows teachers to share classroom videos with coaches, supervisors, mentors, and peers.

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    Add and reply to time-stamped comments, increasing feedback and reflection

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    Personalized Features

    Customize your program's experience and clip videos to your own library.

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    Upload videos and share with colleagues for streamlined viewing

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    Relevant Files

    Easily upload and link to relevant files and resources



It’s simple. You record the video. ClassForward helps you and your colleagues use it to grow.

1. Capture Practice

Use whatever device you have: a camera, phone, tablet, or even your laptop. Our platform works with video from any of them.

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2. Upload & Share

Use our universal uploader to import your video from your device or cloud storage. Then share it with your team, coaches, mentors, and peers.

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3. Get Feedback

Get high quality, evidence-based feedback from others in the form of time-stamped comments and resources.


Security first

Store and work with videos knowing they are safe and private to your group.

Time Saving

Minimize time lost traveling between classroom observations at different locations.

Schedule Flexibility

Provide and review feedback from virtually anywhere, at any time.

Mobile Options

Work with the mobile device you carry with you every day.

Video Potential Maximized

Use the power of video to offer better feedback and to connect teachers in your network.

Intuitive Comments

Easily share and reply to feedback at the most relevant moments. Go back and review any length clip.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send an email to [email protected]

Are there any upload limits?

No. We want teachers to be able to use the platform as much as they want to.

Do I need a special camera?

No. We recommend using a separate microphone or microphone amplifier if you are using your phone, but it is by no means required. If you have specific questions about this, feel free to reach out.

We're just starting to use video. Can you help us?

Absolutely! We’d love to help you get started. We deliver PD targeted around getting started with video in PLCs and instructional coaching. Send us an email.

Can anyone else see my videos?

No. Videos are private to each team or network. Every area of the ClassForward platform is password protected, and users are unable to publicly share videos. Videos uploaded to the platform are completely secure and are stored using security industry best practices.


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